Must-haves & To Do's for your vacation 

With summer quickly approaching, start your vacation planning

with making a list of your must-haves. Whether this is your first

trip, or you are a seasoned traveler, make every attempt to

project what will be needed, and what you need to do.

  • Choose the right travel bag - Backpack, Duffel Bag, Rolling Luggage

  • Personal Essentials - Hair & Body Products, Shaving Kit, Toothpaste/Brush

  • Medical - Bandaids, Headache Reliever, Sun Screen, Personal Prescriptions

  • Important Documents - Passport, Insurance Card, Reservation Itinerary

  • Prepare Your Home - Stop deliveries, Unplug appliances, leave info with a friend


Your strategy might be to unplug, but pack the mobile devices, chargers and adapters. You probably will still need them to find a location or read a review. Set boundaries for phones and don't let your phone ruin your vacation.

Our Happy Place

As a family, we do lots of things together. Bike riding, cook-outs and even cousin sleepovers. But the beach is truly our "Happy Place." We've spent time at the Jersey shore, Carolina beach, and the many beaches along the Gulf coast in Florida. 

Whether its swimming, gathering seashells or flying a kite at sunset, our kid crew of 5 will tell you that they just can't get enough of the sand and sun.

We have our "Beach Kit" which we bring on all our outings.

Cooler filled with food and drinks, beach chairs and tent, towels, sunscreen, boogie boards, sand toys, floaties for the younger ones, and more.

At the end of the day, we pack it all up, with most of the time carrying it all along with a child or two who is too tired to walk. We always have our Beach Trapper Trunk Storage bags with us. With all twelve of us and three SUVs, we have so many items to bring home and after a day at the beach, no one wants to clean out the sand from the trunk.

April 1

July 20


Cold Brew Iced Tea

We put together a great simple recipe for cold brew tea that everyone can make.

  • Gather your favorite tea, loose or in tea bags

  • Use a glass jar with a lid

  • Measure 6-8 ounces of water for every tea bag or 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea

  • Let the tea infuse the water for 6 to 12 hours in the refrigerator

  • Remove the tea bags or strain the loose tea

  • Pour over ice. Add lemon slices, sweetener of your choice, cucumber slices

  • Enjoy!

March 21

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Sunscreen Protection

March 26

The bottom line, the best thing you can do for your child is use sunscreen. When you are at the beach, within seconds of arriving, sand is everywhere, and if your are lucky enough, you get to smear some sunscreen some where on your child. Then they are off to play. Every year, the EWG, Environmental Working Group comes out with a list for safe sunscreens. They range in price from $13-$33

Just some of them on the list are: Thinksport Kids, TruKid Sunny Days,

SunBiologic Kids, Gadger Baby and All Goods Kids Stick. You can check out their website for more information. Click here.



Are you ready to create great memories with your canine best friend while

on the road to your vacation destination? To ensure a safe and enjoyable trip for all,

follow these suggestions for both.


Plan your route: Take a bread every 4 hours. It gives your dog the chance to relieve him or herself

and to walk around.

Book pet-friendly accommodations: Plan for lodging. Not all hotels accept pets, plan in advance.

Pack a Bag: Food, water, water bottles, 2 bowls, medications, poop bags and treats.

Contact your Vet: Make sure your dog is up to date on shots and preventative measure like

flea and tick meds.

Use a Crate: Safest way for dogs to travel in a car is in a safety-certified crate. It will also provide

a safe and familiar place to sleep when at a hotel.


You have taken the time to prepare, now enjoy the time together!

April 14