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Made in USA matters ( published May 7 2020 )

Manufacturing in America means thousands of jobs, and more money

into the US economy. When more people demand American made products,

the cycle continues. More products, more jobs, more money. That is something

we can all get behind. In addition, when we produce and buy Made in America

goods, we grow our independence as a people and a nation. Reliance on imports, increases our dependency on others, which is never a good thing. When you buy American, you can be assured that when making that product, workers were

paid in accordance with the law and in healthy, safe conditions.

Finally, “Made in the USA” speaks of quality and excellence.

While prices can often be higher for made in USA products, the Made in USA 

stamp means your product will last far longer than a foreign made alternate.

Support America, buy American.

Must-haves & To Do's for your vacation ( published May 8, 2020 )

With summer quickly approaching, start your vacation planning with making a list of your must-haves. Whether this is your first trip, or you are a seasoned traveler, make every attempt to project what will be needed, and what you need to do.

  • Choose the right travel bag - Backpack, Duffel Bag, Rolling Luggage

  • Personal Essentials - Hair & Body Products, Shaving Kit, Toothpaste/Brush

  • Medical - Bandaids, Headache Reliever, Sun Screen, Personal Prescriptions

  • Important Documents - Passport, Insurance Card, Reservation Itinerary

  • Prepare Your Home - Stop deliveries, Unplug appliances, leave info with a friend

Your strategy might be to unplug, but pack the mobile devices, chargers and adapters. You probably will still need them to find a location or read a review. Set boundaries for phones and don't let your phone ruin your vacation.

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